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I'm selling off some of my lolita clothing.
Some of the pieces have never been worn while others have only been tried on.  I think to be honest that the only thing I ever wore with any "regularity" (I barely wear my clothes) is the black In the Starlight jsk.

I really need to purchase a new wacom tablet and because the job search has been going so horrendously, I can't afford to replace my decrepit old pen/tablet that broke on me while working on commissions which are my sole source of income right now.

I've posted to the egl sales comm to get a feedback page and I've also posted on both facebook comms with the items for sale.  If you're interested, you can find them here; http://tinyurl.com/gs-fbsale

As stated, shipping is going to be free in the US.  I will eat the cost of that and paypal fees if I can just sell this because I need to start bringing in money to at least pay for bare necessities and grad school applications/GRE.

I've been incredibly frustrated lately because business was already slow in the first place so friends have been purchasing cheap commissions and then this happened in the middle of working on one for my besties bf.
So that's it in a nutshell.

The clothing will/should easily fit a US size 24/26.  I'll ship anywhere, but it's just a bit easier to send domestically since I have a good idea about how much shipping is going to cost.  I don't want to have an incident like before where I sold a dress for quite a bit, but misquoted shipping and ended up with most of it coming from the cost of the dress.
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