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I was trying to print off my stamps.com shipping labels since I had an account with promo postage.  Of course even though it was extended, the postage wasn't there.  >..>

It's easier to be able to print things and put them on packages and just hand them off to the mail man because it means I don't need to wait to get a ride anywhere.  Everyone's got something planned it seems.  But I can't complain.  Hopefully gainful employment and a car are in my near future.  My dad is the one who advised me on my 3-6 week or 2-4 week because I think I shortened it, shipping policy, but I don't like making people wait because I know what's it's like to wait on a package.  It's like..OMG...is it coming yet, has it shipped?! And then you start getting all hyper.  But I'm going through my bin now to see if there are any extras I want to send.  Of course, I do let people know if there's going to be a delay because I try to ship out within a week.  But that extra time is to cover myself just in case.

So, with that being said; not a lot has been going on with me lately.  I've been roaming the internet like a mad woman in an attempt to get some inspiration for my artist's alley booth at this year's AWA.  I'm currently stationed at G5. And a friend who I met at a con and we talk on facebook, has offered to let me share her space since she knows my financial situation which is just super nice.  I'm thinking I'll take her up on that.  So far, the only reason I hadn't given her a straight answer yet is that I wasn't sure if I'd be encroaching on her display because I know that artist's tend to have certain things in mind for their table.  And I'm no exception.  I'm kind of anal about it really.
This year, I was working in a strawberry theme and most of the stuff on my table was going to be pink  Not necessarily the products, but the display units and things because it's just the mode I find myself shifting into.  My sister and I were going to share a room (which I'm attempting to raise money for in conjunction with the table) which I would likely end up paying for and we'd be wearing lolita for the weekend.  But it makes a lot more sense to try to save that money and put it toward something else, so I'll be talking to my friend today to see what she says.

Meanwhile, all money I've been making on pony sales and Sailor Moon sales [thanks to everyone who purchased by the way] has been going toward keep my cell phone on so that I can hear back from jobs.  I don't know why I'm going into all of this, but that's what's been going on.  The next post is going to be about my fundraiser.