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Taking bids and offers,
  • I'm taking offers on pretty much everything
  • I only accept paypal in USD
  • buyers pay "actual" shipping costs
  • allow minimum 3-4 weeks to ship before e-mailing
  • feedback is on ebay and livejournal
  • Please don't make an offer if you don't plan to pay.
  • Have a question? Post below or note me.
  • Want to make an offer?  Post below.
Thanks for stopping by and now on to the items.Kill Me Kiss Me
vol. 1-5
$5 ea or $20 for the set (good condition)

Tramps Like Us: Yayoi Ogawa
vol.1-6 + vol. 14
$6 ea or $30 for the set
(good condition)

YAOI  Saihoshi by Yaoi Press
vol 1-2 vol 2's cover is a little scuzzy, like there's something on it that I've wiped but I can't for the life of me figure out what it is. 
taking offers

YAOI  I.D.O.L Yaoi Press

Frutis Basket vol. 3 (good condition)

Disgaea 2 game book: taking offers  (good for art references and gamers)

Slam dunk pogs: make an offer

Rabi En Rose Plushie: taking offers (has a scratch on her eye)

Kadaj: Advent Children Figure

Official Death Note Movic Plushies

(Paid $30 each, taking offers)

Light Yagami

L. Lawliet