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I thought I'd post feed back just in case anyone's interested.

I should probably make it a habit to ask for feedback from sellers so that others will know I'm worth dealing with.
Anyway, here it is.
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Selling Lolita with free shipping in the US

I'm selling off some of my lolita clothing.
Some of the pieces have never been worn while others have only been tried on.  I think to be honest that the only thing I ever wore with any "regularity" (I barely wear my clothes) is the black In the Starlight jsk.

I really need to purchase a new wacom tablet and because the job search has been going so horrendously, I can't afford to replace my decrepit old pen/tablet that broke on me while working on commissions which are my sole source of income right now.

I've posted to the egl sales comm to get a feedback page and I've also posted on both facebook comms with the items for sale.  If you're interested, you can find them here;

As stated, shipping is going to be free in the US.  I will eat the cost of that and paypal fees if I can just sell this because I need to start bringing in money to at least pay for bare necessities and grad school applications/GRE.

I've been incredibly frustrated lately because business was already slow in the first place so friends have been purchasing cheap commissions and then this happened in the middle of working on one for my besties bf.
So that's it in a nutshell.

The clothing will/should easily fit a US size 24/26.  I'll ship anywhere, but it's just a bit easier to send domestically since I have a good idea about how much shipping is going to cost.  I don't want to have an incident like before where I sold a dress for quite a bit, but misquoted shipping and ended up with most of it coming from the cost of the dress.
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You know how I haven't been here in ages?
Well, part of that is that I forgot my password.  Another part of that is I've been on tumblr and working on art.

I just checked some of my messages to see that people were still asking about Sailor Moon stuff.
Any Sailor Moon items that I still have available as well as any anime/manga items are being sold through my online shop Sugar Pop Dreams.  

I've been posting them there because it's just easier.  I will get back to the people who asked me about items though.  I think someone asked me about the earrings/rings. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted that comment instead of an older message.
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Long overdue update

I didn't forget I had an LJ.  I do spend most of my time on tumblr though.  I do think it's funny that people keep posting spam even though I thought I made it clear before that I screen my comments.

Anyway, still unemployed, still looking for work, and still taking commissions.  I heard about a job fair for students and alumni of certain school from my college, so I'm looking into the employers there.  While I'm hoping that the grad schools that I want to apply to will potentially waive my application fee, I'll still need to be able to relocate if I get in.  My initial plan was to work for a year and then go to school; but I hadn't expected it to take half that time to find a job in the first place.  My sister graduated in 2010 and it took her forever to get what she was trying to do.  As in she just now is doing it. So yeah, that doesn't give me a lot of confidence. 

Meanwhile, I for the first time ever, screwed up shipping on some sales I did a while back and just now have the money to reship the correct item.  (>.>)  I don't think it would have been so bad if I hadn't messed up both of the orders that went out that day.  So I'll be mailing that out this week if they let me in the car. (I'm sick again.  Like, I think I must be a magnet for bacteria or something.  
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Um, let's see.
Well, I did AWA in September.  It didn't go as well as I'd hoped especially after factoring in giving my mom gas money to get there and drive herself back home, food, and the table fee that I have to pay back to the person I shared with.  It's like I did negative dollars once you factor all of that in.  So I don't know what to do.  I'm thinking that I may just focus on online art sales for a while or something.  I mean there are some galleries that I've been looking at, but I don't know if I want to go that route just yet since I'm not doing well on the convention circuit.  But we'll see how things go.
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AWA or Bust

  I've been wracking my brain to come up with some way to raise funds to attend AWA and I think I've finally got it. Now bear with me because this post is going to get pretty long since there's a lot to explain.

In order to raise the funds that I need to pay from my Artist's Alley table and a few other fees (food/transport), I'm hosting a commissions lottery.
This is exactly as it sounds in that I'm accepting funds to purchase one of 20 slots which will receive a commission. 

What will everyone get?
The prize you end up with depends on the tier you join.  There are five slots in four tiers which are subdivided by letters based on a 20 sided die I have from the game called Scattegories (play this it is so fun).

The groups are:
1: A, B, C, D, E    $20 entry, 1st-3rd place 
2: F, G, H, I, J       $15 entry 1st-2nd place
3: K, L. M. N, O    $10 entry 1st-2nd place
4: P, R, S, T, W     $5 entry  1st place only
The prizes are:
G1: $20
 1st: 2 character full color commission with full background (traditional media)
2nd: 2 character full color commission with minimal background
3rd: 2 character ink drawing with minimal background in a monochromatic color scheme.  (1 color + grey)

G2: $15
1st: 1 character full color commission with minimal background
2nd: 1 character ink drawing with minimal background

G3: $10
1st: 1 character ink drawing with a monochromatic color scheme (1 color + grey)
2nd: 1 character sketch

G4: $5
1st: 1 character sketch

Well how do I enter?
Note me on either of the following websites with your user name and the subject "AWA of Bust"

(I assume between all of these most people have an account somewhere.)

Remember:  PLEASE use the subject "AWA or Bust" because this is how I'm keeping track of entries.  That's 8 sites that I have to keep up with.When you message me, tell me what letter you want and send me your e-mail address.  I will then send you an invoice via paypal and you send money.  Once that happens, I'll put you on the list.  Letters are taken by first paid; first placed.  I'll check the times that the requests go through to be fair.  If your letter is taken, I'll move you to the next available one that hasn't been taken already.  If it's been taken, then I'll message you about it and send a refund.  (You have the option of just commissioning me at that point if you like.)

How many slots can I get?
As many as you want to pay for.

How will I know if I win?
Remember that die I mentioned? I'll roll it on camera and post on youtube.  In addition, I'll post links and results on all sites that I receive entries from so that entrants know.  This is going to happen on Friday, August 26th.  So all entries must be received by 11:59 pm EST on Wednesday, August 25th.  The sooner you enter the higher the chance of you getting the tier you want.  If the tiers are bought out early, then I'll hold the drawing early and let everyone know.

I'll also note the winners to ask them what they want for their commission.  You MUST be 18 years of age or older, or have your parents' permission to have stuff mailed to your house and to use paypal because that's the only way that you can enter. 


  • Entrants who won commissions will need to wait for the commissions to be completed in order of their group.  Those in group one will have their commissions sent out first and so on.  It should take about two or three weeks for the first group since that will require the most work.  Groups 2-4 probably a week each.  This is after I get your commission request.

What if all of the tier/group slots are full?  I wanted a discounted commission!
Sorry.  If this happens and enough people request it, then I'll open up another one in November for Christmas/New Years.  Otherwise if you still want to help me raise funds to go to artist's alley, then there's a donate button on my website.

Any more questions? Leave a comment below.

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And they said that Friday shall be errand day.

I was trying to print off my shipping labels since I had an account with promo postage.  Of course even though it was extended, the postage wasn't there.  >..>

It's easier to be able to print things and put them on packages and just hand them off to the mail man because it means I don't need to wait to get a ride anywhere.  Everyone's got something planned it seems.  But I can't complain.  Hopefully gainful employment and a car are in my near future.  My dad is the one who advised me on my 3-6 week or 2-4 week because I think I shortened it, shipping policy, but I don't like making people wait because I know what's it's like to wait on a package.  It's it coming yet, has it shipped?! And then you start getting all hyper.  But I'm going through my bin now to see if there are any extras I want to send.  Of course, I do let people know if there's going to be a delay because I try to ship out within a week.  But that extra time is to cover myself just in case.

So, with that being said; not a lot has been going on with me lately.  I've been roaming the internet like a mad woman in an attempt to get some inspiration for my artist's alley booth at this year's AWA.  I'm currently stationed at G5. And a friend who I met at a con and we talk on facebook, has offered to let me share her space since she knows my financial situation which is just super nice.  I'm thinking I'll take her up on that.  So far, the only reason I hadn't given her a straight answer yet is that I wasn't sure if I'd be encroaching on her display because I know that artist's tend to have certain things in mind for their table.  And I'm no exception.  I'm kind of anal about it really.
This year, I was working in a strawberry theme and most of the stuff on my table was going to be pink  Not necessarily the products, but the display units and things because it's just the mode I find myself shifting into.  My sister and I were going to share a room (which I'm attempting to raise money for in conjunction with the table) which I would likely end up paying for and we'd be wearing lolita for the weekend.  But it makes a lot more sense to try to save that money and put it toward something else, so I'll be talking to my friend today to see what she says.

Meanwhile, all money I've been making on pony sales and Sailor Moon sales [thanks to everyone who purchased by the way] has been going toward keep my cell phone on so that I can hear back from jobs.  I don't know why I'm going into all of this, but that's what's been going on.  The next post is going to be about my fundraiser.
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Kind of annoyed at the moment

I keep getting messages for advertisers as comments on my journal.  Seriously?  Who does that?  All the places to leave spam.  Funny thing is that I do screen my comments when I can.  If they aren't screened, then I just delete them later.  I guess the fact that people do that is what irritates me because I get a notification every time it happens.

Anyway; for the two people who ordered recently, your items will be shipped this week.  ^-^  Yay for post office runs.  It's been a while since I shipped anything overseas though.  I hadn't realized how much the costs went up until I shipped a dress to someone.  I quoted $20 under the shipping price.  *facepalm*  I still find it hard to believe that flat rate priority is no longer an option for international shipping.  But whatever, right?  Anyway, that's pretty much it.  I hadn't even really planned on saying anything.

I still have stuff for sale, anime/manga/sailor moon and a few my little pony items.  Also a few lolita things that I know I'm probably never going to wear which I'll likely post later.  I have them on a sales board in the new proboards page, but as far as I can tell it isn't getting much traffic.
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Manga & Plushies: DVD's and VHS Tapes coming soon

Taking bids and offers,
  • I'm taking offers on pretty much everything
  • I only accept paypal in USD
  • buyers pay "actual" shipping costs
  • allow minimum 3-4 weeks to ship before e-mailing
  • feedback is on ebay and livejournal
  • Please don't make an offer if you don't plan to pay.
  • Have a question? Post below or note me.
  • Want to make an offer?  Post below.
Thanks for stopping by and now on to the items.Collapse )
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Sailor Moon Stuff for Sale: Accepting Offers because I want it gone!

Hi, everyone.  I have lots of Sailor Moon stuff still left.
So far the dolls NIB: Mars, Moon, Venus, the moon necklace, and all plastic head rings are gone.  (I haven't seen the calendar either.)

Everything else is still up for grabs.  The more you buy the better deal you get.

USD only and buyers pay shipping.